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Turbocharger For Toyota Fortuner, Hilux, Land Cruiser 3.0L 17201-0L040 E&E

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Expected Delivery: 23 July 2024 - 26 July 2024

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Turbocharger for Toyota Fortuner 17201-0L040


The Turbocharger for Toyota Fortuner 17201-0L040 is a high-quality product designed to boost the performance of your vehicle. This turbocharger is manufactured by a leading company in the automotive industry.


This turbocharger is specifically engineered for the Toyota Fortuner engine. The product carries the part number 17201-0L040. The Fortuner engine is a 3.0L TD, 1KD-FTV diesel engine, and this turbocharger is designed to integrate seamlessly with it.


The turbocharger operates by utilizing the exhaust gas from the engine. This gas propels a turbine, which subsequently drives an air compressor. The compressor then forces compressed air into the engine, enabling it to burn more fuel and generate additional power.


In summary, if you’re considering a performance upgrade for your Toyota Fortuner, the Turbocharger 17201-0L040 could be just what you’re looking for.

Part Number

TURBO-T009S, 17201-30110RS, 1720130110, 172010L041, 172010L042, 172010L040, 17201-0L040, 17201-0L041, 17201-0L042, T916771, 17201-30110K, 17201-30110, 17201-30160RS, 17201-30160, 1720130160, 17201-30100, 1720130100, 17201-30101, 1720130101, 1720130161, 17201-30161, 17201-30190, 17201-30190K, 1720130190, 17201-30160K, 17201-30060, 17201-0L090, 17201-30210
OEM Part Number

9B001, 9B005, TC1VED-S0015B, TC1VET-S0011B, V*B30011, V*B30015TC1VED-S0017B, T809A43T916771, V*B30017, V*BAT120012

Engine Specifications 3.0L TD , 1KD-FTV

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