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Turbocharger For Ford Endeavour Generation 3 3.2L 8221820004 E&E

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Expected Delivery: 26 July 2024 - 29 July 2024

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Turbocharger for Ford Endeavour Generation 3 3.2L

Precision-Engineered Performance

Elevate your Ford Endeavour Generation 3 3.2L’s performance with our Turbocharger. This Turbocharger is specifically designed for the Ford Endeavour Generation 3 3.2L, enhancing its power and efficiency.


This Turbocharger is also compatible with various models like Ford Everest 3.2L, Ford Ranger 3.2L, etc. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s turbocharger system across different models.

Features and Benefits

Our Turbocharger is precision-engineered to provide optimal airflow and boost pressure to your engine. It plays a pivotal role in increasing your vehicle’s power output and overall engine efficiency. Constructed from robust materials, this Turbocharger is built to withstand high temperatures and pressures, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Performance Enhancement

By installing our Turbocharger, you can expect improved fuel efficiency, increased horsepower, and a smoother ride.

Please note: Professional installation is recommended for this product. Always consult with a qualified mechanic or technician when installing turbocharger components.

Part Number

822182-5013S, Turbo-G450S, 822182-13, 822182-5010S, 822182-10, 822182-5008S, 822182-8, 822182-5004S, 822182-4, 8221825013S, 8221820013, 82218213, 8221825010S, 8221820010, 82218210, 8221825008S, 8221820008, 8221828, 8221825004S, 8221820004, 8221824, 822182-5001RS, 822182-5001K, 822182-5001KM, 822182-0004, 822182-0005, 822182-0007, 822182-0008, 822182-0009, 822182-0010, 822182-0011, 822182-0012, 822182-0013, 822182-0014, 889939-0003, 889939-0001, 8221828
OEM Part Number

2240255, FB3Q-6K682-PD, FB3Q6K682PD, FB3Q-6K682-PE, FB3Q6K682PE, FB3Q-6K682-DD, FB3Q6K682DD, FB3Q-6K682-DB, FB3Q6K682DB, 2420485, FB3Q-6K682-PC

 Engine Specification

Endeavour 3.2L

Everest 3.2L
U375, 3.2L Duratorq TDCi
Ford Ranger 3.2L P375, 3.2L Duratorq TDCi

From the manufacturer

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