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Turbocharger For Bmw 320i LCI 2.0L Petrol 49477-02304 Turbomaster

Turbomaster द्वारा
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मूल कीमत Rs150,000.00
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मौजूदा कीमत Rs120,000.00

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Expected Delivery: 23 July 2024 - 26 July 2024

(2-5 Business Days)

Turbocharger for BMW 320i LCI 2.0L Petrol - Model 49477-02304


Upgrade your BMW 320i LCI with our high-performance Turbomaster Turbocharger. Designed specifically for the 2.0L petrol engine, this turbocharger delivers enhanced power, improved efficiency, and exhilarating performance. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or simply want to optimize your vehicle’s performance, the Turbomaster Turbocharger is the perfect choice.

Key Features

1. Precision Engineering

Our Turbomaster Turbocharger is meticulously crafted using advanced engineering techniques. From the turbine blades to the compressor wheel, every component is designed for optimal airflow, durability, and reliability.

2. Increased Horsepower

Experience a significant boost in horsepower and torque. The Turbomaster Turbocharger maximizes engine output, allowing you to accelerate faster and conquer the road with confidence.

3. Fuel Efficiency

Despite the power gains, our turbocharger maintains fuel efficiency. Enjoy spirited driving without compromising on gas mileage.

4. Direct Fit

Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM turbocharger, installation is straightforward. No modifications required—simply bolt it on and unleash the power.


  • Part Number: 49477-02304
  • Application: BMW 320i LCI 2.0L Petrol Engine
  • Compressor Wheel Diameter: 42mm
  • Turbine Wheel Diameter: 45mm
  • Boost Pressure: Up to 1.5 bar

    Part Number

    49477-02303,49477-02304,49477-02308,49477-02406, 4947702411K, 49477-02407, 49477-02410, 49477-02409, 49477-02408, 4947702400, 4947702401, 4947702402, 4947702403, 4947702404, 49477-02400, 49477-02401, 49477-02402, 49477-02403, 49477-02404, 4947702411RS
    OEM Part Number 11657637563, 11658631891, 7637563, 8631891, 763756309
     Engine Specification
    Series 3
    320i LCI