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Turbo Core for Isuzu Trooper VI74 VC130057 E&E

E&E Turbos द्वारा
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मूल कीमत Rs17,000.00
मूल कीमत Rs17,000.00 - मूल कीमत Rs17,000.00
मूल कीमत Rs17,000.00
मौजूदा कीमत Rs11,050.00
Rs11,050.00 - Rs11,050.00
मौजूदा कीमत Rs11,050.00

(Inclusive all taxes)

Expected Delivery: 21 July 2024 - 24 July 2024

(2-5 Business Days)

Turbo Core for Isuzu Trooper VI74 VC130057


The Turbo Core for Isuzu Trooper VI74 VC130057 is a high-performance turbo Core designed to enhance the power and efficiency of your vehicle.

Key Features


This turbo Core is specifically engineered for Isuzu Trooper . Ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your vehicle’s existing systems.

Performance Enhancement

Designed to increase the power output of your engine, this turbo core improves acceleration and overall driving experience.


By optimizing the flow of exhaust gases, this turbo core can help to improve fuel efficiency, reducing running costs and environmental impact.


Constructed from robust materials, this turbo core is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures found in a turbo core engine, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

VI74, VI83, VIAH


VA130057 , 8943212010 , VA130097 , 8943853830 , VA180027 , VD180027 , 8970385180 , VC180051 , 8970700291 , 8970700292,VI95RS, 860010, 8970385180, 8970385181, 97038518, B52CADS0027B, B52CAD-S0027B, RHB5VI95, VC180027, VE180027, B52CADS0027G, B52CAD-S0027G, VI95 , B55CAD-S0013G
Vehicle Model

Isuzu Tooper

From the manufacturer

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