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Turbo Core For Caterpillar Construction 49179-02300 E&E

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Expected Delivery: 24 July 2024 - 27 July 2024

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Turbo Core For Caterpillar Construction 49179-02300


The Turbo Core For Caterpillar Construction 49179-02300 is a high-quality product designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle. This turbocharger is manufactured by E&E, a brand renowned for its superior automotive parts.


This turbocharger is specifically engineered for the Caterpillar Construction 49179-02300 Engine. The product carries . It is the exact, same, direct fit OEM replacement turbo part as sold by the dealership.


In addition to the Caterpillar Earth Moving Engine, this turbocharger is also compatible with various other models, offering enhanced performance across different vehicle models.


The working principle of this turbocharger involves utilizing the engine’s exhaust gas. This gas propels a turbine, which subsequently drives an air compressor. The compressor then forces compressed air into the engine, enabling it to burn more fuel and generate additional power.


It’s important to note that the installation process of this turbocharger should ideally be carried out by a professional or an individual with substantial mechanical knowledge. This ensures that the turbocharger is installed correctly and safely.


In summary, if you’re considering a performance upgrade for your Caterpillar Earth Moving with 3304 Engine or any of its compatible models, the Caterpillar Volvo Construction 409410 0001 Turbocharger could be just what you’re looking for.

Part Number

49179-02220 , 49179-02230 , 49179-02240 , 49179-02260 , 49179-02270 , 49179-02280 , 49179-02300, 49179-02320 , 49179-02330 , 49179-02340 , 49179-02350 , 49179-02360 , 49179-02370 , 49179-02380 , 49179-02390 , 49179-02800 , 49179-02810 , 49179-02820 , 49179-02900
OEM Part Number 5I-7952 , 51-7589 , 5I-7952 , 5I-7952 , 5I-7589, 51-8018 ,287-0049 , 205-6741 ,ME2056741 ,222-8219 ,279-7860 ,321-4994 , 2870049
 Engine Specification

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